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Lloyd Crowley Ukulele

Are you looking for a new project?

If you're looking to mix things up a bit and create a new sound, lets collaborate! Whether it's a one-off gig or an ongoing duo or band project, let's chat.

I am a passionate ukulele player and vocalist and have honed my skills over the past 14 years of playing. As much as I enjoy my solo work, I believe the real magic happens when musicians work together to create something new and exciting.

I'm open to collaborations in various forms:

  • Instrumental collabs - if you're a fellow instrumentalist, let's blend our sounds and create mesmerizing melodies. Whether it's a duet, trio, or full band, I'm excited to explore new musical horizons.

  • Vocal collabs - If you need more voices or harmonies added to your music, you can count on me!

  • Songwriting partners - if you're a lyricist or songwriter looking for someone to write with, I'm here to help. Let's collaborate on crafting compelling songs.

  • Genre exploration - whether you're into rock, jazz, folk, pop or anything else, I'm open to exploring new musical territories.

Get in touch and let's discuss what we can do together.

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